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Tempo has a long-lasting tradition of commitment towards Israeli society and the environment. Since our humble beginning as a family-run company, we took care to invest in local production and give back to our community. Our primary focus is on the following: Involvement and contribution to our community, Environment protection, Maintaining a safe working environment and ensuring fair employment conditions for our team.

Netanya beach, near the Tempo facilities, 2015.

The things we do in the field of corporate responsibility

Our Worldview

Tampo has always been an integral part of Israeli society, the community, and the environment. Since the company’s first days as a family-owned industrial operation, Tempo has viewed its suppliers, employees, and customers as partners. Tempo’s brands are recognized in every home in Israel and are an inseparable part of what it means to be Israeli.
The value Tempo generates for the community, to the local economy, and to the Israeli public, is higher than the financial value it generates for its owners.Tempo employs people from all walks of life in a number of facilities across the country.
Tempo-owned Barkan Winery is the largest in Israel. Tempo’s distribution network makes it possible to enjoy our beverages everywhere in the country. We bring our consumers leading brands from all over the world. Our products are sold in tens of thousands of businesses, employing hundreds of thousands of people, from farmers to packaging suppliers and to hospitality industry workers.

Integrated Quality Policy

We believe in being proactive, which means going further than simply adhering to quality, safety, and legal requirement.  This policy guides every member of Tempo’s...


Tempo, its employees, and its managers are required to comply with the laws, regulations and standards of the markets in which it operates. Additionally, Tempo...

Integrated quality

At Tempo we are aware of the great responsibility we have as a food and beverage company. This responsibility drives our everyday work and pushes...

Company Values

Three basic values ​​constitute our guiding principle, and lead our employees in their everyday work: Quality and Excellence: Perfectly performing each task while maintaining the...


Tempo continuously studies its environmental impact in order to minimize our negative footprints as much as possible. As part of the company’s environmental responsibility program, Tempo operates energy-saving, waste processing, water purification and air-quality control technologies. Our environmental program is based on scientific analysis, including product-life analysis and carbon footprint analysis, and we use our knowledge to introduce environmentally conscientious products and packaging.


As a leading company, Tempo is obligated to be involved, invest in, contribute and help grow the community. Tempo has been committed to supporting a variety of non-profit and community organizations, and has made numerous donations. We we are committed first and foremost to the welfare and well-being of our immediate communities of employees and neighbors. For this reason we prioritize suppliers and employees who are live and operate in proximity to our facilities, and opt for community involvement and volunteer work “close to home.”


As a leading company, Tempo is obligated to be involved, invest in, contribute and help grow the community. Tempo has been committed to supporting a...

Business Partners

Tempo’s business partners are the basis of its strength and success. Tempo is the largest beverage importer in Israel and owns licenses to produce many...


We view our suppliers as partners. We are committed to conducting our business relationships with respect, integrity, professionalism, responsibility, and fairness. We select our suppliers...

Our team

Tempo is a family. We treat our team with fairness and openness, and take care to maintain the rights and freedoms of every individual. Tempo...
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We Believe that information and transparency allow consumers to make smarter choices. We do our best to offer a range of options and alternatives in each of our product categories so that there is a perfect choice out there for every taste and every pocket.
Tempo has three product categories:
• Fun For You
• Better For You
• Good For you

We set up a database that allows each of our customers to access all the nutritional information of our products, empowering them to make the best choices based on their individual preferences and health requirements. Click on each brand to learn more.

Better For You

Products that offer an alternative for consumers interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or for those with special diet requirements. In these products, we have...

Fun For You

Products designed for fun, recreation, and indulgence; products that provide life’s simple pleasures, and a short escape from the race. We recommend to consume these...

Drinking Responsibly

As the largest producer, importer, and distributor of alcoholic beverage in Israel, one of Tempo’s primary duties is to educate the public on responsible consumption...