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Welcome to Tempo Beverages LTD (hereafter: “Tempo”). By using this website and any of its contents and services, you agree to the following term and conditions (hereafter: “Terms of Use”) and any additional terms that appear in this website, including the privacy policy and any additional instructions that may appear throughout your use of the website (hereafter: “Binding Documents”). Please read carefully through these binding documents. Note that the binding documents may change from time to time, and you are solely responsible for keeping up to date with their contents.

Use of the services on this website (defined herein) can also be attained via the Tempo app through the Facebook social network or any other platform (hereafter: “The App”). Terms of the binding documents fully apply to any and all uses of the app. Any mention of “the website” applies to the app as well. Use of the app may be subject to the terms of the Facebook social network or any other platform, such as they may be, including terms of use, privacy policy and any other binding agreement included therein. By using the website and any of its services and contents, you agree to these terms. The binding documents apply to the use of the website and its contents by means of computer or any other communications device (such as cellular phone, tablet computers, etc.). Furthermore, they apply to the use of the website, whether through the internet or any network or other means of communications.


Website Services

The website provides information and contents concerning the activity of Tempo and its products, and offers job postings and customer support. Use of the website is free of any and all cost.


Use of Website

You may use the contents of the website according to the terms specified below:

You may use the contents of the website for non-commercial purposes. It is prohibited to copy and use or allow others to use the contents of the website in any shape or form, including in other websites, electronic publications, print publications, etc., for any other purpose.

It is prohibited to use or employ any computer application or other, including but not limited to crawlers, robots, etc., for the purposes of searching, scanning, copying or automatically replicating website contents. Under said condition, it is prohibited to create or use the aforementioned means to create a collection, grouping or database that contain contents from the website.

It is prohibited to present website contents in any shape and form, including but not limited to software, devices, or media protocols, in a manner that changes the design of the website or removes any of its contents, specifically advertisements and commercial content.

It is prohibited to link to this website from any website containing pornographic content, racist or wrongful discrimination content, or any illegal contents, or contents the publication of which is illegal or encourages illegal activity.

Use of the website services is also available through the designated Tempo App. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified herein that use of the App may also be subject to the Facebook social network terms of use, such as there may be, including terms of use, privacy policy, and any other binding agreement appearing in the website.

User Generated Content

While using the website, you are required to ensure all contents uploaded by you are legal. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Any false information, misleading or distorted;
  • Any content that violates or breaches the property rights of others, including but not limited to copyright and trademarks;
  • Any pornographic material or sexually explicit content;
  • Any content that pertains to minors and identifies them, discloses their personal information or address and contact details;
  • Passwords, usernames and other details that provide access to computer programs, digital files, websites or services that require registration or payment, bypassing said payment or registration;
  • Any contents that can be considered slanderous and damaging to a person’s privacy or reputation;
  • Any content that is of offensive, hostile, threatening or rude nature;
  • Any contents that present or promote racism or any wrongful discrimination on the basis of race, origin, skin color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental handicap, belief, political orientation or socioeconomic status;
  • Any contents promoting illegal activities or that may act as a basis for lawsuit or civil liability;
  • Any deceiving contents;
  • Any commercial or advertising contents unrelated to Tempo and or its products;
  • Any password protected or access restricted contents that are not freely available to all internet users.

Tempo reserves the right to refuse and delete any user-provided contents, without warning and at any time, should these terms be violated or any act has been made to disrupt or damages the services provided via the website, its users, Tempo or anyone on its part. The provisions of this section add to the rights of Tempo according to any and all applicable laws.


Intellectual Property

All rights and intellectual property in the website, the services offered within and any included contents belong solely to Tempo. It is prohibited to modify the materials in any way, replicate or copy them, distribute, sell, allow use, publicly display, perform them, publish or broadcast them, create derivatives thereof, create a product or deliverable or material of any kind whether privately or via a third party, by any means including electronic, computerized, mechanic, optical, photography or recording, or any other means, without the official written consent of Tempo.

Tempo trademarks and advertisements are the intellectual property of Tempo alone, and may not be used without the official and written consent of Tempo.

Tempo does not claim ownership of contents provided by users via the website. Nevertheless, in submitting details you approve that you are their rightful owner and thus entitled to advertise them. If you are not the creator or proprietor of rights, you approve that you are legally authorized by the rightful owner to provide the contents and grant usage rights as specified herein. Tempo shall not be held accountable for any damages caused by the violation of ownership rights. You are the sole responsible entity for any and all presentation of content created by you and are obligated to compensate Tempo for any consequent damages.



Use of this website is under your sole and full responsibility.

Website contents may be used as-is. You shall have no claim or demand against Tempo in regards to content characteristics, abilities, limitations and adaptation to your needs.

Tempo does not guarantee undisturbed website services; services may be irregular, compromised or erroneous. Tempo does not guarantee that its services will be impervious to unauthorized access to Tempo computers, damages, malfunctions, disturbances or failures, in software, hardware, and/or communication lines by Tempo or any of its providers.


Website Changes and Service Termination

Tempo may stop or terminate website services at any time, change website structure and design, the scope and availability of the services provided, and may change any other website related aspect, without prior notice.



The agreement is subject solely to the laws and jurisdiction of the State of Israel.


Privacy Policy

Tempo Beverages LTD (hereafter: “Tempo”), respects the privacy of any user of the Tempo website, at and any other addresses according to its discretion (hereafter: “The Website”). The following terms will inform of the website privacy policy. These include the way Tempo may use the information provided by users, or collected through the website.

Use of the website and its services (as defined in the Terms of Use), partially or in full, may also be accessed via the designated Tempo App on the Facebook social network or any other platform (hereafter: “The App”). Terms of the privacy policy fully apply to any and all uses of the app. Any mention of “the website” applies to the app as well, but not vice versa. Use of the app may be subject to the terms of the Facebook social network or any other platform, such as they may be, including terms of use, privacy policy and any other binding agreement included therein. This policy is an inseparable part of the website Terms of Use (hereafter: “Terms of Use”).


Provision of Details

Some website services require registration. Upon registration you will be asked to provide identifying details such as: user name, active email address, etc. Required information will be visibly marked. Failure to provide the information required in these fields will result in prevention of use of certain website services. In addition, should you be eligible to any prize or benefit as part of your website activity, Tempo may require additional information such as name, mailing address, and cellular phone number for coordination of delivery. Failure to provide this information will prevent Tempo from granting you your prize.

Be sure to provide real, correct and full details, and approve their validity. The information you provide upon registration will be held by Strauss. You are not legally bound to provide these details, but wrongful or incomplete information may prevent you from utilizing website services, hinder the quality of your experience, and disrupt communications with you. Should your details change, please update them through the designated area on the website.

The website may be used by persons of all ages.


Providing Publishable Content

Tempo will allow you to upload various contents to the website, including recipes, comments, ideas, suggestions and public notes, permitting that you are over the age of 18 or otherwise hold signed parental consent.

In providing publishable contents, you declare and approve that you are not compromising the privacy of any other individual.

In providing publishable contents to or through the website, whether published or not, you grant Tempo or any other person the permission to use said content, according to the Terms of Use.

You hereby agree and grant Tempo permission to publish these contents on the website and any additional media, including Strauss products and advertising, or use this information in order to improve Tempo services and address complaints, per the discretion of Strauss.

You hereby grant Tempo the permission to publish or use your name and any personal detail involved in the information provided (such as city of residence) in its advertising.


Information Collected through Website Use

While using the website, Tempo will collect information concerning your website activity, including contents created by you, your location and IP Address, etc. Additionally, Tempo may collect and use third-party services in order to collect and analyze anonymous, statistical or aggregated data, concerning website interaction, including information pertaining to your details and website activity.


Third Parties

Tempo will not provide your personal information and information concerning your website activity to any third party, barring the following instances:

For the purpose of proper website services and website monitoring and management, including research and surveys conducted by third parties on behalf of Strauss in regards to the website;

In case you violate the terms of the binding documents, in full or in part, or use the website or in association with it to perform any activities deemed by Tempo as opposed to the law or an attempt at such;

In case Tempo is given a legal order that instructs it to provide your details or information concerning you to a third party;

If demanded by Facebook, given that Tempo examined and determined that this requirement is substantiated. In any case, Tempo will only provide the minimal information required;

In any instance of grievance, claims, demands or legal procedures, should such occur, between you and Strauss;

In any case that Tempo ascertains that provision of said information is required to prevent serious harm or damage to your body or property, or the body or property of a third party;

Tempo may provide your information and any details collected through your use of the website to companies or organizations related to Strauss such as a parent company, subsidiary, or sister company, provided they use the information provided according to this privacy policy. Nevertheless, Tempo shall not give out your information and data collected by the app to third parties for any commercial purposes;

Tempo is permitted to give and share anonymous, anonymous, statistical or aggregated data with other companies related to Tempo as well as suppliers, business partners and any third party per its discretion, but will not expose your identity, whether knowingly or unwittingly, without your consent. In any event, Tempo will not reveal your information and data collected by the app to advertisers;

Should Tempo reorganize its activity or website activity under any other structure, and/or should it rearrange its legal formation or merge with another entity or merge website activity with a third party – it shall be entitled to transfer a copy of the information collected through the Tempo database to the new corporation, contingent on the other organization’s acceptance of this privacy policy.

Unless otherwise noted, contents provided by you for the purpose of website publication, will be visible and accessible by all website users. Be careful in giving out personal information (such as your address or phone number), as well as in your responses and messages that may be received following use of this site or publication of any of your information. Remember to exercise the same caution when providing contents and information online as you do offline.



Our website may use cookies to ensure the proper operation of the website and forgo the need to repeatedly provide your username and password upon visiting such sections of the website that require them, as well to collect statistical data concerning your website usage, for detail verification, to adapt the website to your personal preferences, and for information security purposes.

Cookies are small text files saved by the website on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. Some cookies expire upon closing your browser, while others are backed up to your hard drive. Cookies may contain various information such as the pages you have visited, duration of stay, how you came to the website, sections, requested information and more.

If you don’t wish to enable cookies, you can change your browser preferences. Consult your browser’s help file. Keep in mind that by disabling cookies, some features of this and other websites may be disabled as well.

You can also delete cookies from your computer. You should only do so if you are certain that you do not wish the website to be personalized for your convenience, or recognize you upon revisiting sections that require registration. Since cookies sometimes prevent you from having to repeatedly log in user names and passwords, do not delete them unless you are certain that you have them written down for safekeeping and future use.


Information Security

Tempo utilizes information security systems and protocols for its website. Although these measures considerably reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the Strauss computers, they are not full-proof. Tempo therefore cannot guarantee that website services will be fully protected from unauthorized access to any information stored within.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

Tempo may, from time to time, change the terms of the privacy policy. Notice on significant changes in the privacy policy pertaining to information you provided will be published on the website, should it take place. We suggest you update yourself on the privacy policy from time to time.


Contact Us

Tempo adheres to the law and respects the website users’ rights to privacy, reputation, or any other right. If you are offended or disturbed by the website and/or any other issue, please contact us and we will do our best to respond to your query as quickly as possible.          TEL 1-800-300-370