The Story of Tempo

Tempo’s story is intertwined with the story of Israel. Tempo began its way with a single, very popular lemon-lime flavored soft drink. With that first beverage, Tempo embarked on a journey of growth, gradually expanding its activity to include beer, wine and soft drinks, and became a prominent importer and distributor of a large variety of beverages. Today, Tempo offers a drink for any consumer, at any time – day or night.



The first beer brewery in Israel, “Eretz Israel Beer Industries” (also known as the “Palestine Beer Brewery”) is established in Rishon Lezion. The brewery’s leading brand was “Nesher beer,” with two kinds of beer: a white, pilsner style beer, and a non-alcoholic malt beverage called “Nesher Malt.”


Goldstar, Israel’s leading beer brand, is manufactured for the first time in the Palestine Beer Brewery in Rishon Lezion. A lager style beer, Goldstar was marketed as the choice beer of the Israeli man, and was sold at military cantinas accompanied by its age-old slogan “give the man a Goldstar.”


The new facility is built in Netanya. The only beer brewery in Israel at that time, “The National Brewery’s flagship brand was called “Abir,” the Hebrew word for a knight. The popular beer got its romantic name by accident. British military troops stationed in Israel during the British mandate in the region would often go into bars asking for “a beer.” The simple English phrase happens to sound exactly like the Hebrew word Abir, which seemed a fitting name for the popular brew.


With Tempo’s first beverage becoming increasingly popular, the company founder, Moshe Bornstein, decides to build a large factory in Holon. The Holon facility began producing new cola and orange-flavored soft drinks. Soon, dozens of Tempo trucks delivered Tempo beverages daily throughout the country. Tempo also became uniquely popular among Israeli soldiers, as it was sold in army canteens.


Paul Newman appears in an ad for Tempo’s Godstar beer brand


Give the man a ride. give the man a Goldstar


Tempo expands further, launching a glass bottle production plant in Yeruham. The most modern equipment is installed in the plant, enabling the production of 25,000 tons of glass, to 60,000 tons in the later years.


Maccabee is launched. To produce the highest-quality beer, a world-renowned German brew master is flown in to work at the brewery in Netanya. Maccabee was intended for export and was named after the Jewish Maccabees who victoriously fought the Greeks in the 2nd century BCE and became a symbol of Israeli bravery and pride. Maccabee exceeded all expectations and went on to win many international awards.


The family size bottles are introduced – the “Liter Plus, a 1.2 liter bottle.


Moshe Bornstein brings the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottle to Israel by launching the Kankal, a soft drink sold in 2-liter clear plastic bottles. Almost over-night the PET replace the family size bottle. The Kankal beverages were sold in three flavors: cola, lemon-lime, and orange


Tempo launches “Shandy,” a new lightly alcoholic beverage combining beer and lemonade. Shandy is a German-originated drink accidently concocted in 1912 during a traditional bicycle race in Bavaria. One of the beer sellers whose beer was running out decided to mix the remaining beer with lemonade, and the new cocktail won the hearts of the spectators. The launch of the Israeli Shandy beverage was accompanied by an unforgettable campaign starring then heartthrob Rod Stewart, with the slogan “I’m thirsty for your Shandy.”


A 1988 Maccabee ad


Tempo becomes PepsicCo’s franchise in Israel, making the start of the “Cola Wars” in Israel. Within a few years, Pepsi’s entire beverage portfolio became available across Israel. In the years to come, Tempo would launch more products under the Pepsi Brand including Pepsi Max.


In 1992 Heineken enters the local Israeli beer market, with Tempo as its exclusive distributor. The brand quickly become the best-selling premium imported beer in Israel. The relationship between Heineken and Tempo became closer, culminating in Heineken’s 2005 acquisition of a 40% stake in Tempo. Heineken today is the world’s most widely distributed premium brand, sold in over 175 countries worldwide.


A 1994 Goldstar ad


A 1994 Maccabee ad


A 2001 Goldstar ad


Tempo is establishing its hold in the Israeli wine market, entering as a partner in The Barkan wineries. Today, Tempo own 100% of Barkan, which has since become the largest and most internationally awarded Israeli winery.


A 2004 Nesher Beer ad


A 2006 Goldstar ad


Tempo becomes the Israeli distributor of XL energy drink and moves to dominant the market.


Tempo becomes PR exclusive distributor


A 2012 Pepsi ad


Tempo begins brewing Heineken beer in its Netanya brewery.


Tempo broadens its presence in the soft drink market and acquires 50% of Adir Ltd.


A 2015 Goldstar Unfiltered ad


Tempo becomes Beluga Vodka exclusive distributor


Tempo continues to expand its activity by entering the coffee market. In 2015, Tempo acquires Neni Group, an importer of premium coffee brands. Through its subsidiary, Tempo now markets coffee brands such as Mauro, Kimbo, Costadoro, and Moak.


Tempo establishes its first overseas operation with the launch of Tempo Cyprus