Glenlivet Lounge Launched at the El Al Business Lounge 3.15.16

On Sunday, March 6, 2016, the Glenlivet Lounge was opened in the EL AL Business Lounge at Ben Gurion Airport, a unique collaboration between Tempo and Israeli airline El AL.

Glenlivet, the world’s best-selling single malt, is an innovative, high-quality brand with a long tradition.
The Glenlivet Lounge, located in El Al’s business lounge, opened its gates to EL AL passengers, allowing them to relax with a glass of whiskey or a refreshing cocktail, to work and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere before their flight.
The Glenlivet Lounge has been carefully designed with painstaking care to even the smallest details, in order to convey the brand experience with warm, luxurious and inviting design.

עוד מהנעשה בטמפו.