XL Cup 2016 Tournament 6.21.16

The XL Cup Tournament returned for its eighth consecutive year.
Each year during Ramadan Tempo organizes a soccer tournament held in a predominantly Arab city in Israel and participated by members of the Arab-Israeli community.
Hundreds of amateur soccer teams register for the tournament each year, of which 64 teams are voted in.

This year, 900 teams registered and over 66,000 people voted for their favorite team. This year’s tournament is accompanied by the same marketing slogan of previous tournaments: “Drink XL and play soccer with the guys.”
The winning team of XL Cup 2015 was selected to lead the XL CUP 2016 campaign.

The XL CUP 2016 winning team will fly to Europe to watch a football game of their favorite European team.

עוד מהנעשה בטמפו.