Integrated Quality Policy

We believe in being proactive, which means going further than simply adhering to quality, safety, and legal requirement.  This policy guides every member of Tempo’s team. Tempo’s strength is measured by the quality of the people behind it. We therefore devote time, thought, and great effort to providing our employees with a safe, supportive, and productive working environment.

The team spirit at Tempo is the basis for excellent customer service and harmony in all branches of the company. It is what enables us to act as one to meet our goals.

We are working in a number of courses to share professional knowledge, improve performance, and create opportunities for people and teams to work together. Advanced data gathering tools enable us to effectively measure the effects our operations have on the environment, and act to minimize negative impact. We are working to integrate environmental considerations into our business decision-making processes. These quality instruments, combined with transparency and openness, are the cornerstones that guide us and are largely responsible for the company’s success.