Tempo, its employees, and its managers are required to comply with the laws, regulations and standards of the markets in which it operates. Additionally, Tempo employees and managers must also comply with internal procedures, instructions, and guidelines, which in many cases set a more stringent standard and expand on what is required by law. This is to ensure fair, ethical and beneficial conduct and to provide the best value to buyers, consumers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Our responsibility does not stop at compliance. On issues such as bribery and corruption, fair business competition and corporate governance, we operate strict supervision and control mechanisms on the company’s management to understand the risks and ensure the right controls are in place. The Company has adopted a corporate governance code, which is supervised by a compliance officer, who verifies and ensures that the procedures contained therein are implemented in their entirety. The compliance officer reports to the Tempo Board of Directors. In this context, we expect our employees and managers to be committed and accountable to the company’s business results and reputation. Tempo employees and managers are required to use the company’s resources efficiently and only towards the promotion of the company’s goals and interests. We employ a zero-tolerance policy towards any exceptions to this rule.